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Your entire event tailor-made in one place: accommodation, event organisation, private transportation, activities, team-buildings, gala dinner, etc. for sport competitions, company celebrations, product launches, award ceremonies, corporate events.

In over 20 years of creating events and trips, we are proud to say no event has ever resembled another.

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Why Barcelona ? 

Barcelona is one of the leading cities in the world when it comes to a mix of professional settings, cultural uniqueness and unmatched social vibes. Our groups over the years have chosen Barcelona in order to enjoy this perfect combination of elements. From corporate groups, to students, and even religious pilgrims, every type of group can find their niche in this city. 

Corporate groups have the option of selecting beautiful locations for their conferences and meetings, while also being able to offer their guests world-class cultural and social opportunities. Barcelona is world-famous for art expositions, museums, and cultural heritage built on the back of famous artists and architects such as Antoni Gaudí and Pablo Picasso. 

For student groups, the city offers a plethora of affordable accommodation options that allows them to enjoy everything the city has to offer without breaking the budget. The mix of sports heritage, culinary diversity, and vibrant nightlife provides students from all over the world a unique opportunity to break down cultural barriers and get out of their comfort zone.

Religious groups as well have found their niche in Barcelona, as the city provides incredible religious history with its unique mixture of the three cultures that have dominated the Iberian Peninsula throughout history.  Jewish history is sprinkled all throughout Barcelona and Catalonia, and the Islamic presence is hard to miss in architectural elements. Finally, Christian heritage dominates the city, with towering structures such as Sagrada Família and the Cathedral of Barcelona.

Through our years of experience working in the city, we have seen all these groups come to Barcelona for different reasons, however all leaving with the same satisfaction and desire to return to discover more. 

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Our diverse team of Barcelona experts will personally assist with all aspects of your event and trip organization to ensure that your vision is met and that the experience for the guests exceeds all expectations.

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We create events based on our tailor made business model in order to guarantee that the experience matches your expectations. We understand that no two events are the same, which is why the tailor made model has brought us so much success over the years.

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We are a young, dynamic and international team of event organizers.  Our passion for the city is infectious, with our knowledge of the city being second to none. Through our years of experience and relationship building, we are able to provide the best deals around the city.  This is why working with us is a no-brainer!

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