Overland Summer’s

15 de January de 2024

Overland Summers is an organization that has been providing world-class travel experiences to students from across the globe since 1984. Their trips are summer hiking trips for 4th through 12th-grade students. They aim to enrich young minds with different cultures with discovery and adventure in the great outdoors.

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Overland Summers for the past 10 years have exclusively relied on us here at
Barcelona Vibes for all of their transportation needs for their trips serving cycling,
hiking and language-based trips in Barcelona, Spain. It has been our honor to
continue this service, and we are proud that they continue to use our agency.
Overland Summers's highest priority is the safety and well-being of their students
and trip leaders. Their risk management team carefully vets each transportation
partner on an annual basis to ensure the highest standard of safety, reliability and
comfort for their clients.

“Barcelona Vibes have unfailingly demonstrated their excellent
commitment to safety and excellence, both through the timely

submission of safety documentation, and through the excellent and
reliable services provided by their highly professional and well-trained

Meg.Pandiscio - Overlandsummers

The longstanding partnership between Overland Summers and Barcelona Vibes
stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment both organizations share in
providing exceptional travel experiences for students. Overland Summers, with its
history of offering transformative summer hiking trips, has found a trusted
partnership here at Barcelona Vibes for the past decade. As the exclusive
transportation provider for cycling, hiking, and language-based trips in Barcelona,
Spain, Barcelona Vibes has played a crucial role in ensuring the success of these
adventures. We will continue to provide our services for Overland Summers trips that
they do in Spain. But don't only trust our word for our dedication to our clients trust

“Omar and his team at Barcelona Vibes understand the premium we
place on terrific customer service. In the event of a unique transfer,
schedule change, or last-minute emergency request, Omar and his staff
are always available and willing to go the extra mile to support our
leaders, groups and clients. Working with them is always a pleasure,
and we are proud to recommend their services with no reservations

Meg.Pandiscio - Overlandsummers

Want us to help organize your travel plans? Whether it's a small family vacation, school trip,
or business conference we will be with you every step of the way. Not only do we do
transportation we do everything from food, accommodations, events, etc. We tailor our
trips to you, so no one trip will be like the other.

Want to learn more please feel free to reach out to us at info@barcelonavibes.com.

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