Wine tasting in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with a rich cultural history and a vibrant culinary scene, making it the perfect destination for wine lovers. From local wineries to wine bars and tasting rooms, there are endless opportunities to explore Spain's diverse and delicious wines.

Wine Tasting Tours:

One of the best ways to experience the wines of Barcelona is through a wine-tasting tour. These tours take place at local wineries or vineyards and offer the chance to sample various wines while learning about the history and production process.

We offer a wine-tasting tour in Barcelona, which takes place in the Penedès region, just outside of the city. This tour includes visiting a local family-run winery, where you can sample a range of red, white, and sparkling wines. Along the way, you'll also learn about the local wine-making traditions and the region's history.

Another option is the Cava Wine Tour, which takes place in the town of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, the heart of the cava-making region. Cava is a sparkling wine that is produced similarly to Champagne. This tour includes visits to a cava producer, where you can learn about the production process and taste a variety of cavas.

Wine Bars and Tasting Rooms:

Suppose you prefer a more casual wine-tasting experience. In that case, there are also numerous wine bars and tasting rooms in Barcelona where you can sample a variety of wines in a relaxed setting.

We offer popular options located in the Gothic Quarter. Wine bars feature an extensive selection of local wines, as well as a variety of small plates and tapas to pair with your wine. A sommelier will host the wine experience to tell you interesting facts about local wines.

Wine Shops:

For those who want to take their love of wine to the next level, there are also numerous wine shops in Barcelona where you can purchase bottles to take home.

One popular option is La Vinya del Senyor, which has a wine bar and a wine shop next door. This shop features a wide selection of wines from around the world and a knowledgeable staff who can help you choose the perfect bottle.

Another option is the Enoteca Paco Pérez, which has a wine shop located next door to the wine bar. This shop features a carefully curated selection of wines, including many hard-to-find and limited-edition bottles.

Overall, Barcelona is a fantastic destination for wine lovers, offering endless opportunities to taste, learn about, and purchase a wide variety of wines. From wine-tasting tours to wine bars and tasting rooms to wine shops, there is something for everyone in this vibrant and culturally rich city.


  • Private bus
  • Professional staff
  • Professional sommelier
  • Visit of the family winery 
  • Wine tasting


  • Taste high-quality local wine 
  • Discover a family winery

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