Cocktail Class

At Barcelona Vibes, we're all about making sure that your trip is as fun and memorable as possible.

We offer a variety of services to help you get the most out of your time in Barcelona and tailor made trips are our specialty.

One of our most popular service offerings? Our cocktail classes!

Barcelona has become one of the top destinations in terms of cocktails and cocktail bars in the world. Over the years experimental cocktail bars have been opening up around the city to test the status quo of your typical drinks. You could say that years later these experimental bars have become a great success and have even become one of the staple of the city.  This is proven as 3 bars in Barcelona were recently voted into the top 10 for best cocktail bars in the world, so it's no surprise that people are flocking to this city to learn how to make their own drinks at home. 

At Barcelona Vibes we can ensure that you are exposed to the cocktail making classes of your choice being taught by an expert mixologist how to rustle up the best drink concoctions around!  Not only will you be taught the basics of this art but you will also dive into the science behind the different proportions necessary, what ice needs to be used with what drinks, and even the type of shaking methods these experts employ. By gathering this cocktail knowledge from an expert bartender you will have all the tricks of the trade!  The best part is you will be doing plenty of tasting and sampling as the class progresses. 

Cocktail classes in Barcelona are a fun and unique way to experience the city's vibrant nightlife and learn more about the art of mixology. Whether you are a seasoned cocktail enthusiast or a novice looking to learn more, there are many options to choose from in Barcelona.

These classes are led by experienced mixologists who will teach you the basics of cocktail-making, as well as more advanced techniques. The classes can be held in a beautiful bar in the heart of the city, and you will have the opportunity to try your hand at making a range of classic and contemporary cocktails.

We also offer other options such as a walking tour of the city, during which you will visit some of the best bars and cocktail lounges in the city. You will have the opportunity to try a range of local and international cocktails, and to learn more about the history and culture of Barcelona's nightlife.

The private classes are typically small and intimate, and are led by experienced mixologists who are passionate about their craft. You will have the opportunity to learn new skills and try new cocktails. We can accommodate groups of all sizes from 10 to over 1000 pax ! The class can also take on a competitive twist for teambuildings, with prizes for the winning team.


  • Private class
  • Professional mixologist
  • Rental of space
  • All ingredients and materials


  • Learn 3 cocktails
  • Hands-on activity

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