Teambuildings in Barcelona

Barcelona is a vibrant and culturally rich city, making it the perfect location for team-building exercises. From outdoor adventures to interactive workshops, teams have endless opportunities to bond, communicate, and problem-solve in a new and exciting setting.

Traveling with a team is the ideal moment to create team unison and strong relationships that will last in the workspace. 

We continuously adapt to the group’s physical capabilities, and we have different options for all kinds of groups, whether it be traditional haka, treasure hunts, culinary challenges, sports competitions, etc.
We also customize the activities to your brand identity or brand core values, if needed, to promote corporate identity.

Team building can be defined in many ways, but one of the most common definitions is simply making friends and working together towards a common goal. Additionally, ensure all team members are comfortable sharing their ideas, thoughts, and feelings so that everyone has a voice in the company.
The benefits of our Teambuilding are to encourage self-confidence, to develop team spirit, and to strengthen your team’s performance towards accomplishing goals.

The participants will have to work as a team to overcome the challenges of setting clear organizational goals. They will experiment with a physical activity that promotes both physical & intellectual benefits.

All of our activities are to be enjoyed in a fun and relaxed way.

Outdoor Adventures:

One of the best ways to build teamwork and communication skills is through outdoor adventures. Barcelona is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, including the Mediterranean Sea, the Pyrenees Mountains, and numerous parks and green spaces.

One popular team-building activity is a guided hike through the Collserola Natural Park, located just outside of the city. This park features a network of trails that wind through lush forests, offering breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding countryside. Along the way, teams can work together to navigate the terrain and complete challenges designed to encourage collaboration and problem-solving.

We offer outdoor treasure hunts with different themes, that can be done outside or in a hotel. The treasure hunts make other teams compete against each other in a friendly spirit. The themes can be Modernist, Gothic, or Beach.

For a more water-based adventure, teams can try kayaking or stand-up paddling on the Mediterranean Sea. These activities require strong communication and teamwork skills, as team members must work together to navigate the waves and paddle in sync. Not only is this a fun and exciting way to bond, but it also helps to build physical strength and endurance.

An impressive team building activity is the dragon boat competition on a lake. The teams take possession of long wooden boats and compete in a race.

Interactive Workshops:

In addition to outdoor adventures, there are also numerous interactive workshops designed to help teams build skills and strengthen bonds.

One popular option is a cooking workshop, where teams can work together to prepare a traditional Catalan meal. These workshops are led by local chefs who provide guidance and instruction, helping teams to improve their cooking skills while also fostering teamwork and communication.

Other interactive workshops that can be helpful for team building include art classes, wine tastings, and Mosaic workshops. These activities allow teams to try new things and learn together, helping to break down barriers and build stronger bonds with hands-on activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities:

In addition to traditional team-building activities, Barcelona is also home to numerous corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities that allow teams to give back to the community while also building skills and bonding.

One popular CSR activity is a beach clean-up, where teams work together to pick up trash and litter from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This helps protect the environment and encourages teamwork and problem-solving as teams work together to tackle this vital issue.

Other CSR activities in Barcelona include volunteering at local non-profits, organizing food drives, and participating in community service projects. These activities allow teams to positively impact the community while also building teamwork and communication skills.

A very original and unique activity that we offer is a Haka workshop with a Maori teacher. The activity helps break down barriers and lets the team genuinely embrace their individuality and their team. The workshop is a unique and emotional experience.

Overall, Barcelona is a fantastic location for team-building exercises, offering endless opportunities for teams to bond, communicate, and problem-solve in a new and exciting setting. From outdoor adventures to interactive workshops to CSR activities, there is something for everyone in this vibrant and culturally rich city.


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  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Promoting self-confidence
  • Work as a team to overcome challenges, set clear organizational goals, and demonstrate the importance of leadership.

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