Gastronomic Activities in Barcelona

28 de August de 2023

Gastronomy is a huge part of Catalan culture. There’s so many types of food to try. Immerse yourself with a gastronomic activity.

Cooking Class

Discover the culinary wonders of Catalonia by embarking on an unforgettable gastronomic journey through private cooking classes in Barcelona. Ignite your team's creativity and chemistry as you delve into the world of Catalan cuisine under the expert guidance of skilled local chefs.

Master the techniques that give Catalan dishes their distinctive character. From the iconic seafood paella to the delectable crema catalana dessert, you'll uncover the secrets behind each mouthwatering creation.

Under the supervision of the chef, cook your way to culinary excellence. As the session progresses, you'll bond with your teammates over shared tasks, turning cooking into a delightful team-building exercise.

Elevate the experience by turning it into a friendly competition. On completion of your culinary wonder, the chefs will assess each dish, considering presentation, taste, and creativity. The suspense builds as the session draws to a close, culminating in the grand announcement of the winning team. A token of gastronomic glory awaits the champions.

Cocktail Class

Delve into the world of cocktails with a cocktail masterclass. Ever wondered what goes into making a delightful cocktail? This is your chance to find out. With a masterclass, you’ll be immersed in the art of cocktail making, with an expert to guide you along the way.

Learn about the history of the cocktail and the crucial elements of making a good one before having a go yourself. Choose your flavours and blend your very own cocktail.

Make it a competition and have your group fight it out to win the title of the best cocktail!

G & T experience

Tantalise your tastebuds with a gin and tonic experience. Discover the various exciting flavours that can be enjoyed.

A trained bartender will perform an introduction explaining concepts such as classification and history of gin. Different gins are presented from the market and the assistants simultaneously prepare each following the bartender's instructions, pausing between each of the G&Ts so that you can taste it while the bartender performs a demonstration of different techniques and secrets of preparation.

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