Cooking classes

    • Min. capacity: from 8 people
    • Duration: 2 hours

Join cooking classes and discover the secrets of our local traditional cuisine. Learn how to cook the typical dishes of the region, for example paella, and taste the menu prepared in a friendly atmosphere. Enjoy the cooking, play with the ingredients and savor the dishes you have prepared, while spending a lovely day with your friends or colleagues. Cooking lessons are hands-on, intimate, fun, informative and full of tips and tricks of the trade. You are encouraged to discover and explore the tastes and textures of some of the finest ingredients from fresh fish casseroles (cassola) to “mar i montanya” and rice dishes, fresh vegetables, green newly pressed olive oil, cheese and our wines. The workshop can begin with a tour at a market, optional.

Phone: +34 930 176 997
Address: Carrer Pallars 141, 7E, 08019 Barcelona, Spain