Useful Catalan Phrases

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Are you traveling to the capital of Catalonia and you are eager learn some Catalan? Learning some Catalan before your trip will help you during your stay in Barcelona and you can impress the locals by speaking their language! Below we have listed some phrases we think are the most important to know when traveling to Catalonia.

Hello! — Hola, Bom dia!

Good morning! — Bon dia!

Good afternoon! — Bona tarda!

Good evening! — Bona nit!

Good bye! — Adéu!

How are you? — Com está? / Com Estás?

I’m fine thank you. — Bé, grácies, i tu? / Bé, grácies, i vosté?

What is your name? —- Com et dius? / Com es diu?

My name is… —- Em dic…

Where are you from? —- D’on ets? / D’on és vosté?

I’m from… —- Sóc de… / Vinc de…

Pleased to meet you. —- Encantat. / Molt de gust. / Tant de gust.

Bon appetit! —- Bon profit!

I don’t understand. —- No ho entenc.

Excuse me! —- Dispensi! / Perdoni!

How much is this? —- Quant costa aixó?

Sorry! —- Perdó!

Thank you! —- Grácies! / Moltes grácies! / Mercés!

You are welcome! —- De res!

Where’s the toilet? —- On és el lavabo?

Help! —- Socors! / Auxili!

I love you! —- T’estimo!

Next week we will post about the useful phrases in Spanish! Stay tuned!

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